Announcing the EPJ Daily Alert Hotline Service

Announcing the EPJ Daily Alert Hotline Service
I am pleased to announce the launching of the EPJ Daily Alert Hotline Service.

I have long thought about how to deliver immediate news to subscribers after breaking financial events and also how to have more interaction with subscribers.

I have decided to launch the EPJ Daily Alert Hotline Service to provide this service.

This will be a service where I go "live" after any major breaking financial event and discuss what investment actions to take. I will also take subscriber questions after my commentary.

This will be a live online video broadcast by me where subscribers will be able to message and email questions that they have on the breaking event that resulted in the Broadcast Alert.

For those who are subscribers but have a scheduling conflict with the live broadcast, a recording of the broadcast will be made available to you immediately after it is complete so you will be able to listen to it when you have time.

Given the nature of this kind of service, it is impossible to say exactly how many ALERTs will be issued in any given period. However, I will guarantee that at least 6 broadcasts are made over a 12 month period.

During "quiet periods," the Broadcast Alerts will take on more of the feel of a townhall meeting where I will go much deeper into how I look at money supply data to forecast the economy and stock market.

The actual data I look at is much more detailed from a number of different perspectives than just accelerating money growth. I have often written that a lot more work has to be done with regard to business cycle theory. Part of what I had in mind when I write these type comments is what I am going to disclose for the first time in these Broadcast Alerts.

This is deep theory that no one has ever touched on before, no one, but is at the essence of understanding the business cycle in a deeper fashion.

So the EPJ Daily Alert Hotline Service is going to be a 1-2 punch, fast commentary on major breaking developments but also disclosure of details that I look at that take business cycle theory to an entirely new level.

I hope you can join me on this venture, There is nothing else like it on the market.

The regular price for EPJ Daily Alert Hotline Service is $170.00 per 12 month period but for a limited time the introductory price is $90.00 click here to subscribe